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Aryan Invasion - It's Decline & Fall

Recent findings combined with the British admission of its complicity in propagating the Aryan invasion as an imperial tool should put an end to the debate.

By Navaratna Rajaram

Aryan Invasion - History or Politics? Dr NS Rajaram

There is a great deal of confusion over the origins of the Aryan invasion theory and even the word Arya. It explains also the use and misuse of the word.

By Navaratna Rajaram

Updated Nov. 2008
Myth of the Aryan Invasion - 2001
Myth of the Aryan Invasion - 2005
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As readers look at the ongoing debate relative to ancient India, they surprisingly see that the main scholars who used to support the Aryan Invasion Theory now claim to no longer accept it. We might think that the myth of the Aryan Invasion has been exposed and is now being removed from history books. Unfortunately this has not happened yet. (Myth of the Aryan Invasion Video - Part 1 of 3).

By David Frawley



The Indus-Sarasvati Civilization and its Bearing on the Aryan Question

I would like to offer India Maptonight some glimpses of the earliest civilization on the Indian subcontinent, and to show that its high practicality, and its “technological” accomplishments, deserve our admiration, as does the cultural backdrop that made these accomplishments possible...

By Michel Danino


Harappan Horse: Polemics and Propaganda

A controversy over the presence of horse remains in the ancient Indus civilization.

By N. Rajaram, M. Witzel and R. Nagaswamy